Reviewer acknowledgement (Volume 1)

As we publish our fourth issue of JVSGBI, we would like to thank our reviewers for taking the necessary time and effort to review the manuscripts published in Volume 1. We appreciate their valuable comments and suggestions, which have helped us to improve the quality of the articles we have published online at

Sean Pymer
Hull York Medical School

Ruth Benson
University of Birmingham

Panagiota Birmpili
Royal College of Surgeons of England

Daniel Carradice
Hull York Medical School

Patrick Coughlin
Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research

Rosie Darwood
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Claire Dawkins
The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust

Andy Garnham
The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Louise Hitchman
Yorkshire and Humber Deanery

Dominic Howard
Oxford University Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust

Shirley Xueli Jia
Hull Royal Infirmar

Brian Johnson  
Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Keith Jones   
Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Wissam Al Jundi
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Ganesh Kuhan
University Hospital of Derby & Burton
NHS Foundation trust

James McCaslin
The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals  NHS Foundation Trust

Sandip Nandhra
Northern Vascular Centre, Freeman Hospital

Andrew Nickinson
University Hospitals of Southampton
NHS Foundation Trust

Sarah Onida
Imperial College London

Junaid Sultan
Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Max Troxler
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Michael Wall
The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

Anyone interested in joining our team of reviewers, please email your name, place of work and your area of expertise to: [email protected]