Vascular Anastomosis Course for Core Surgical Trainees (VACT)

February 9, 2024

Background On completion of Core Surgical Training, Core Surgical Trainees (CSTs) are expected to have an understanding of emergency and elective vascular conditions – specifically acute limb ischaemia, embolic arterial disease and vascular injury.1 These are CST curriculum index conditions that CSTs are required to know how to manage.1 In addition to this, an understanding…

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VENUM (Vascular Education iN Undergraduate Medicine) Protocol

May 11, 2022

Background Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is most commonly an atherosclerotic condition affecting the lower limbs, which usually manifests as muscle pain during exertion.1 The gold standard of PAD diagnosis, an ankle brachial pressure index (ABPI) of <0.9, can be done at the bedside.1 PAD affects up to 5% of patients aged 60–69 years, increasing to…

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The first virtual ASPIRE 7 and 8 programs: preparing senior vascular trainees for FRCS and consultancy using a Post-Graduate Virtual Learning Environment

February 16, 2022

Background The COVID-19 pandemic has had catastrophic effects in the UK. The death toll in the UK currently stands at over 170,000.1; The COvid-19 Vascular sERvice (COVER) study highlighted the significant impact of the pandemic on both elective and emergency vascular surgery provision, with the focus on minimising exposure and therefore cross-infection of COVID-19 and…

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