Case Report

Carotid web: an important cause of stroke in young people

November 21, 2022

Case report A 40-year-old female presented 3 hours and 15 minutes after acute onset speech disturbance, left-sided weakness, headache and neck discomfort. She was a smoker and had a history of fibromyalgia and anxiety disorder. Her regular medications included a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and propranolol. Physical examination showed mild dysphasia and dysarthria, left hemiparesis […]

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Ilio-mesenteric bypass for chronic mesenteric ischaemia where prior endovascular treatment has failed: a case series

June 28, 2022

Abstract Background: Symptomatic chronic mesenteric ischaemia is a rare but debilitating disease, and its diagnosis is often delayed by the time taken to rule out underlying malignancy or other abdominal pathology. Once diagnosed, definitive revascularisation should not be delayed to avoid future bowel infarction. There is no consensus on the best treatment option, but most […]

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Distal venous arterialisation for ‘no-option’ chronic limb-threatening ischaemia

March 29, 2022

Abstract Chronic limb-threatening ischaemia (CLTI), defined as significant peripheral arterial disease causing ischaemic rest pain and/or tissue loss, is associated with a high amputation and mortality rate. Avoiding amputation in CLTI is crucial and restoration of blood flow is usually achieved using endovascular or open surgical revascularisation. However, significant occlusion of the distal limb vasculature […]

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