Tissue sampling technique for diabetic toe amputations: a survey of current UK practice

July 17, 2023

Introduction The increase in the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and its associated complications has become a major public health issue.1,2,3 Foot-related complications affect 2–2.5% of people with diabetes, equating to a point prevalence of approximately 58,000 people in England alone.3 The management of diabetic foot disease is complex, involving input from a foot protection team […]

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A survey of surgical site infection prevention practice in UK vascular surgery

June 29, 2022

Introduction Surgical site infections (SSI) are a common complication following vascular surgery, with significant detrimental effects for patients and healthcare providers.1 Reported SSI rates vary, but may be as high as 40%.2 This high rate is due to vascular surgical patients often being elderly, smokers and diabetics, frequently having multiple long-term conditions. Undesirable physical sequelae […]

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Do we need a UK vascular journal? Survey of multidisciplinary UK vascular specialists

November 24, 2021

Background A number of vascular societies world-wide have an allied or specific vascular journal for the publication of work presented or conducted by their members. Now that UK vascular surgery is a speciality in its own right there are limited options for publication of UK vascular research, potentially compromising the opportunity of UK based vascular […]

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