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Perception and acceptability of open versus endovascular treatment of common femoral artery disease: barriers and facilitators for randomised controlled trials

July 21, 2023

Introduction The standard of care for the treatment of atherosclerotic disease of the common femoral artery (CFA) remains open surgical CFA endarterectomy (CFAE). Endovascular interventions, however, have become first-line therapies for atherosclerotic disease of other arterial segments. This is due to their minimally invasive nature, low rates of perioperative complications and patient preference.1–4 High rates…

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Tissue sampling technique for diabetic toe amputations: a survey of current UK practice

July 17, 2023

Introduction The increase in the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and its associated complications has become a major public health issue.1,2,3 Foot-related complications affect 2–2.5% of people with diabetes, equating to a point prevalence of approximately 58,000 people in England alone.3 The management of diabetic foot disease is complex, involving input from a foot protection team…

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Modern Practice of Diabetic Foot Sampling, Protocols, Pathways, Treatments and Techniques: an audit of specimen transport time from theatre to laboratory for diabetic foot tissue (MODAMP 2)

July 13, 2023

Introduction The number of amputations secondary to diabetic foot infections continues to rise in the UK, with more than 185 diabetes-related amputations being carried out per week.1 The 5-year mortality rates of patients with diabetic foot ulceration, minor or major lower limb amputations as a result of diabetic foot infections are 30.5%, 46.2% and 56.6%,…

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Surgical and rehabilitation outcomes of patients undergoing through knee amputation compared with above knee amputation

July 5, 2023

Introduction Every year more than 5,000 patients undergo a major lower limb amputation in the UK.1-3 Major lower limb amputation is a pivotal life-changing event which can result in significant physical and psychological impacts, depending on the person’s functional ability pre-amputation, the cause of their amputation, their co-morbidities and the level of amputation.4,5 Below knee…

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Popliteal sciatic nerve block in the endovascular management of critical limb ischaemia: a UK single-centre experience

May 10, 2023

Introduction When performing endovascular treatments in patients with critical limb threatening ischaemia (CLTI), providing safe and effective pain management can be challenging, particularly with the increasing length and complexity of such procedures. The patient often needs to lie flat for a prolonged period and needs to be still through critical parts of the procedure. In…

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